About Us

In July 1982 a small group of three founded our local guild, with the aim of helping to bring together the local community of craft weavers, spinners and dyers.

This thriving group has been fortunate for their 40 years to have had the opportunity to meet at Bradford Industrial Museum, Moorside Mills. The staff at this historic worsted spinning mill are extremely supportive and there is plenty of positive interaction between the two groups.

Our Guild welcomes visitors and members regardless of experience. We usually meet up on the third Saturday of the month to be involved in skill sharing, workshops, social exchange, listening to speakers or to pursue our individual projects. The emphasis is on allowing everyone to learn or improve any of the skills but to enjoy whatever is their preference. The “spin off” from these three crafts include knitting, crocheting, braiding and felting. The range of items we produce is vast ranging from the smallest intricate Dorset button to huge bedspreads. We get the chance to demonstrate at Agricultural shows (always a great day out) and other events where sometimes we can sell our creations.