Rota – for Host, Urn Minder and Speaker’s Lunch

As we have a lot of members attending on a regular basis we have a rota for filling the urn, acting as a host and providing lunch for visiting speakers.  This ensures that meetings go smoothly and helping in this way is really important and much appreciated by all.   The roles are not too onerous and hopefully everyone should only need to do it once per year. 

The jobs we need help for are:

Host – this involves arriving early so that you can wait near the entrance to the museum to meet, greet and direct speakers, visitors and new members to the third floor and introduce them to someone who could look after them for their first meeting if required.

Urn Minder – this involves arriving early to set up the urn and ensure that it’s topped up with water when necessary during the meeting and clearing it away at the end of the meeting. Taking the tea towels home for washing and returning them.  There are usually 2 volunteers for this duty, and if it helps one could set up in the morning and one clear away in the afternoon. 

Speaker’s Lunch – on the days when we have a speaker or workshop leader this involves providing a light lunch for them as well as yourself.  Nothing fancy is required just double up on quantities and sit with the speaker and Chair during lunchtime.  If speakers have any special dietary requirements you will be notified. 

Each group of 3 or 4 need to decide between them who is going to do what duty.  If you’re emailing your group to say what job you’ll do that month can you make sure everyone in your group has seen your email and follow up with a phone call if necessary to help avoid any duplication.   If you’re not able to do the date you’ve been allocated can you please arrange a swap with someone else using the most up-to-date membership list that is available, or you could try putting a message on our Facebook page to find someone to do a swap.

The rotas are sent out in the newsletters, please check them each month in case amendments have had to be made.

If you’re on the list and don’t feel that you’re able to participate in the rota at all can you please let us know.